Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Implementation and Support

Sometimes your business services program needs some outside support to energize your staff and put things back on track. We can support your implementation efforts in a variety of ways, all custom tailored to meet your needs and to achieve the optimal results. Some typical Implementation Support tasks include:

Focus Groups: We can conduct focus group sessions with d/b/a members and SEGs, to identify their most pressing financial service needs and help you design products to meet those needs.

Prospecting: We can help your Business Development team identify the best prospects and design tactics to reach those prospects.

Coaching: Participate on sales calls with the Business Development team to provide coaching and assistance throughout the sales process.

Follow-up Calls: Make follow up visits with prospects that have been given applications but have not taken action. Help determine their real needs and the reasons behind their reluctance to establish a borrowing relationship with your Credit Union.

Loan Application Review: Perform the preliminary review of member business loan applications, to determine the best approach to underwriting and identifying solutions that best meet the member's needs.

Credit Training: Conduct credit training sessions for internal staff, and senior management, to acquaint them with member business loan underwriting procedures, regardless of whether the underwriting is done in-house or outsourced.

Vendor Selection: Identify outside vendors to support your business services program, whether it be financial analysis tools or loan servicing software or documentation software. We identify the alternatives, request proposals, and assist in the evaluation and installation.