Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Investigation Project

Every Investigation Project performed by Hill Creek Consulting is designed to meet your specific needs and targeted to your marketplace. The typical Project Outcomes from one of our Investigation Projects are outlined below:

Competitive Analysis: Two separate findings memoranda that provide a competitive analysis, summarizing the loan and deposit product offerings of significant competitors and outlines a recommended loan and deposit product portfolio for the client.

Systems Analysis:
A findings memorandum that provides an assessment of the Credit Union's loan and deposit systems and their ability to support the recommended product portfolio.

Marketing Plan: A memorandum that outlines the key action steps for an initial Marketing Plan, including; a "vision statement" for the business services initiative, observations regarding the existing SEG and d/b/a population, and comments on the potential market, given the client's branch locations

Detailed Financial Plan: A Detailed Financial Plan that incorporates:
  • Projected loan and deposit balances, derived from market data for the Credit Union's primary market.
  • Funding costs based on the client's average cost of funds or incremental funding strategies.
  • Variable operating costs for loan and deposit products based on the Credit Union's financial performance reports.
  • Staffing costs associated with the business lending initiative.
  • All other operating costs associated with the initiative including underwriting, documentation and servicing costs.
  • Net contribution from Business Credit Cards and card volumes.
  • Five Year Projections for with various levels of projected market penetration, if desired, providing a detailed estimate for Net Contribution and Return of Assets.
Software Vendors: A findings memorandum outlining alternatives for financial statement analysis and loan documentation software. During the course of the project pricing proposals may be solicited from preferred vendors to include specific cost items in the Financial Plan.

Underwriting Service Providers: A findings memorandum outlining the alternatives for outsourced underwriting services, including CUSOs and credit unions. The memorandum will include a recommendation for a preferred underwriter, based on the types of loans that are expected to be originated and geographic proximity.